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AirProbe Mini

The Thinnest Wireless Probe on the Market

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Why Choose Tappecue?

Tappecue products have been known for a few key points: versatility, connectivity, expandability, precision, ease of use, proven reliability, and quality made It's not limited to grills but is also suitable for smokers, ovens, air fryers, and more, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of cooking methods. The integration with the Tappecue Touch, Cruise Control System, and AirBooster offers a comprehensive cooking experience, enabling users to effortlessly monitor, control, and extend the reach of their probes. With the capability to accommodate up to 8 sensors, whether they're wired or wireless, Tappecue provides ample room for multi-probe cooking setups. Tappecue's focus on precision and user-friendliness ensures that even beginners can achieve perfect results. The intuitive mobile app and real-time monitoring simplify temperature control. Tappecue is a trusted name in the industry, with a track record of performance, durability, and support for over a decade. The "Proudly Made in Kansas City, USA" tag reflects a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

AirProbe3 Smart Meat Thermometer inside of a KC Strip Steak with Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potato Fries cooked at a medium rare steak temperature
AirProbe3 Smart Meat Thermometer for pressure cookers, smokers, air fryers, grills and more sitting on wood chips for bbq flavor


The smart way to cook. The AirProbe3 connects directly to your smartphone or Tappecue Touch for seamless monitoring and alerts of your cook!

Tappecue Touch Wi-Fi Meat Thermometer that sends temperatures of your grill and smoker to the Tappecue Cloud for access anywhere so you know exactly when your meat is done or your chamber goes in or out of range.


Connect even further with the Tappecue Touch.  The original Wi-Fi BBQ thermometer, the Tappecue offers unlimited range so you never have to miss a moment - whether that's your kid's soccer game or the next big football play!


Take the Tappecue Touch and your charcoal smoker to the next level by integrating the Tappecue Cruise Control System. Control your temperatures from your smartphone and have the precision and convenience of a pellet smoker with the same charcoal flavor we all love!

Tappecue Cruise Control Blower that blows air into your charcoal to stoke your fire and heat up your grill or smoker so you can control your chamber temperature from anywhere any time.


Does your wireless probe drop signal every time you shut the lid of your cooker or walk inside? Introducing the AirBooster, the easiest and most affordable solution for helping your signal escape enclosed environments like your smoker, oven, or grill. Works with any wireless probe to boost your signal!

AirBooster boosts any brand of wireless probe so you can get signal outside your smoker or grill, without worry of losing signal when you walk away from your grill or smoker.
Mobile App Features


Wi-Fi Cloud Connected Icon for the Tappecue Products


Monitor temperatures of your grill, smoker, oven, pressure cooker and more, anywhere in the world.

Recipes in the Tappecue Mobile App, over 14,000 recipes for you to choose from inside the Tappecue App and the Tappecue Website.


Unsure of what to cook? Choose from over 14,000 recipes available on the Tappecue mobile app.

Graph of the Tappecue temperatures for data analytics and improving your cook using Tappecue SessionBook

Session Book

Stored data and analytics provided on app with graphs that allow you to track progress.

Push notifications for the Tappecue Mobile App that alerts you when your meat is done and or when your chamber has gone in or out of range.

Push Notify

Push notifications for your phone make it simply and easy to keep track of your meat.

Kell Phelps, President NBBQA

Our test unit performed flawlessly and was nothing short of a snap to set up so we could watch our products cooking from virtually anywhere through the wireless technology that transmits to any smartphone thru WiFi or Bluetooth. Our test showed this to be the most accurate digital thermometer unit we have ever tested. Period!

Bill McGrath, Amazing Ribs

Overall, this unit works very well. Accuracy is excellent. It has all the most sought-after features, although it does lack a timer function (which I never use anyway). Construction of the unit and the probes is well above average. Price is competitive. Overall, a Gold Medal.

Top Geek, Smoking Meat Geeks

The Tappecue Touch is a quality, reliable WiFi thermometer that will help up your smoking game, streamlining the process while unchaining you from the pit.

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Get Started with the basics, AirProbe3, or go all out with the Tappecue Cruise Control System! Either way, you're in control of your BBQ! 

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