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The World's First

Wireless Meat Probe that works in Pressure Cookers, Air Fryers, Rotisseries, Grills, Smokers and More.

Cook to Perfection

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Connects Directly to Smartphone

Cloud Connected using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Tech

How it works

You can also Pair your Airprobe2 with your tappecue

Smart Tech

Patent-Pending Tech for using both wired and wireless food probes in one system for versatility - so you can use your probes in many different environments and ovens.


Alarms on smartphone from anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi network, so you know exactly when your food is done.


The one-of-a-kind AirProbe2 works in pressure cookers, air fryers, etc. and is dishwasher safe with an IP67 Rating.

USA Supported

Supported in the USA by a Kansas City family-owned business.

Truly Wireless

The AirProbe2 works completely wirelessly though BLE to the Tappecue Touch or Mobile App

No Internal Battery

The AirProbe2 runs with such efficiency that an internal battery isn't required to store power.

Smart Devices

Works with Google Home, Alexa and Apple Watches


With an IP67 Rating, you can use the AirProbe2 in liquids for upto 30 minutes and wash it in the dishwasher.

Color Coded

Use up to 4 AirProbe2s at once using different colors: Green, Red, Black or Blue.

USA Supported

Based out of Kansas City, MO since 2010. 

Dual Sensor

2-in-1 sensors for meat and oven so you'll know exactly when it's done to your liking.


BLE 4.2 and Cloud Compatible for temperature alerts on your Smartphone from anywhere.

1 Year Warranty

If you have any problems at all, give us a call at (417)-213-5870

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