Tappecue cruise control system

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The Tappecue Cruise Control System is now available!

The Cruise Control System works by turning on/off a blower fan whenever your chamber temperature drops below or exceeds a set temperature.  This helps maintain a constant temperature over time.  Because of the unique capabilities of Tappecue, you can technically control up to 4 pits at the same time.   Works with stick-burners, ceramics, barrels, drum cookers, kettles, etc. 

Kamado mounting plates are sold separately

What you'll need:

  • Chamber Probe and Clip or Meat Probe to monitor the ambient temp inside the chamber.

  • Splitter

  • Control Box

  • Cable Adapter

  • Blower Fan (most brands will work)

  • Power Supply (12V up to 5A)

Check out videos of the Tappecue Cruise Control in use on our Tappecue FaceBook page here

Select the PDF button to view the setup instructions.

How It Works

When the Tappecue Cruise Control System is set up properly, the smart thermometer can control the air intake of your smoker.  Whenever you chamber temperature drops below a set threshold (verified by the chamber probe clipped inside of your smoker) the Tappecue works with the Cruise Control Box to trigger the blower fan connected to your intake which gives life to your fire and increases the temperature of your chamber.

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