Kell Phelps, National BBQ News

Our test unit performed flawlessly and was nothing short of a snap to set up so we could watch our products cooking from virtually anywhere through the wireless technology that transmits to any smartphone thru WiFi or Bluetooth. Our test showed this to be the most accurate digital thermometer unit we have ever tested. Period!


Bill McGrath, Amazing Ribs

Overall, this unit works very well. Accuracy is excellent. It has all the most sought-after features, although it does lack a timer function (which I never use anyway). Construction of the unit and the probes is well above average. Price is competitive. Overall, a Gold Medal.


Top Geek, Smoking Meat Geeks

The Tappecue Touch is a quality, reliable WiFi thermometer that will help up your smoking game, streamlining the process while unchaining you from the pit.

Dealer information

  1.  8 possible combinations of meat, chamber, blowers.  The max amount of blowers would be 4 with 4 chamber temperatures.  The blowers, chamber temperatures can be used to control 4 different smokers.


Possible combinations from 1 Tappecue Touch control system,

1 blower, 1 chamber temperature, 6 meats

2 blowers, 2 chamber temperatures, 4 meats

3 blowers, 3 chamber temperatures, 2 meats

4 blowers, 4 chamber temperatures, 0 meats


  1. Can be used with other 12V blowers if they are already owned.

  2. Can be adjusted through the App from anywhere

  3. Manually turn off and on the fan through the touch screen such as when opening the lid.

  4. Programming scripts coming soon..

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