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Celebrate 10 Years with Tappecue

Join us in celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

It's been 10 years since we launched the very first wireless meat thermometer that works with your internet connection to provide you temps and alerts of your brisket, pulled pork, and more on your smartphone from anywhere! Since it was the very first cloud-based thermometer, we had to struggle getting people to understand how it worked and why it was needed.

Now, nearly every new BBQ grill made comes with the technology included. We've been fortunate to stay in business by continually improving our technology and coming out with new and improved thermometers and add-ons to the system like the AirProbe and the Cruise Control System.

From prototype to mass production, enjoy the new Tappecue Touch at a fraction of the price it use to be and still get all the same benefits and more!

Which Tappecue Do You Have?

  • Tappecue Alpha Units (less than a few hundred produced)

  • Tappecue V1 (pictured in the middle)

  • Tappecue V2 (Only a few thousand produced)

  • Tappecue Touch (latest unit with Touch Screen)


We couldn't have reached this milestone without the support of customers like you. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Tappecue!


As we move forward, we aim to create even more intuitive and user-friendly BBQ experience that will streamline the cooking process and give you the knowledge and skills needed to create amazing foods.

How Long Have You Been With Tappecue?

  • 10 Years

  • 1 Year or less

  • 2-3 Years

  • 3-5 Years

Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and we are always exploring new ways to improve our products. We are looking forward to the exciting things that the future holds for Tappecue and we can't wait to share our innovations with you. Thanks to you we've been able to continue our innovative quest to making expertly cooked BBQ accessible to anyone and everyone.

However, no matter where the future takes us, it's been a pleasure cooking along side of all of you.

What Would You Like To See More Of Moving Forward With Tappecue?

  • Software Updates

  • Innovative Tech

  • Swag, Apparel and Accessories

  • Other

Thank you all! Because of YOU this brand has been around for 10 years and we are eternally grateful!


Jacob Bourret

Co-Founder and Vice President

Team Tappecue

Cheers to 10 years and all the good times!

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