Team Inspired National Championship Tailgate Recipes

Alabama and Clemson face off in the College Football Playoff for the fourth consecutive year, and tonight is the third game for the national title. Only one will take home the trophy. Score major points with these two team-inspired tailgate recipes sure to satisfy.

Alabama Sliders

Feed your fans with this savory, soon-to-be-famous southern side. Perfect with sweet pickles. Roll Tide.

The fastest way to prepare these sliders is using a pressure cooker. We prefer to smoke the chuck roast. You can also put the meat in a slow cooker for 8-10 hours and make Alabama pot roast.

Alabama Sliders Recipe

South Carolina Bird Dogs

Here's a dangerously delicious take on the hot dog that will have you coming back for more. We're all in.

Make your own breaded chicken fingers and homemade honey mustard, or pick up five simple ingredients on the way to the game. Use Martin's Potato Rolls for oomph and authenticity.

South Carolina Bird Dogs Recipe

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