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Perfect Food Every Time Using AirProbe2

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

AirProbe2 Works Inside of Pressure Cookers, Air Fryers and More for Monitoring Cooks on your Smartphone

· First of its Kind to Work in Pressure Cookers, Air Fryers and More

· BLE and Cloud Connected for Convenience and Versatility in the Kitchen

· Get Alerts on your Smartphone when your Meat is Perfectly Cooked

Kansas City, MO – Today Innovating Solutions released the AirProbe2, an entirely new wireless thermometer designed for home chefs looking to better their cooking in pressure cookers, air fryers, ovens, rotisseries, and more. First of its kind, the AirProbe2, is rated IP67 waterproof so you can use it in the most humid environments, like pressure cookers, slow cookers, or covered pans with simmering sauces for when braising beef, chicken, fish, or pork. With dual sensor capabilities for monitoring both internal temperatures of the meat and the ambient temperature of your cooking environment, Bluetooth and cloud connected for monitoring those temperatures on your smartphone from anywhere, and versatility to monitor in all types of cooking environments, the AirProbe2 is the best tool to help you take your cooking to the next level. The AirProbe2 delivers incredible real-time alerts to your smartphone while you are prepping vegetables/salads, preparing side dishes, or simply enjoying a conversation with your spouse or guests, so you know exactly when your food is finished – not over- or under-cooked.

Customer George Marchant states, “I love my airprobes. I’ve done meatloaf, roast chicken, even a pork loin in my instapot. It’s now my go to meat thermometer!”

Customer Brett Kizner says, “Tri-tip fajitas. This was taken from inside my kitchen 20 ft away through a 2 ft thick stone wall covered in stucco on one side and plaster and lathe on the other. Truly impressive performance.”

Champion Chef Mike Castaneda uses his AirProbe2 in meatloaf:

He states: “When you cater as much as I do you need to be perfect on a bigger scale. The AirProbe2 helps to ensure my quality is right where I need it to be. Doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for 200 or 4, the AirProbe is a must. Thanks Tappecue.”

The AirProbe2 helps chefs from every level of expertise to create the perfect meal through alerts on your Smartphone. It can be paired with the Tappecue Touch or directly with your Smartphone.

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