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Poor Man's Burnt Ends - Tappecue SessionBook

Recipe by Mike Bourret

With the high price of brisket and some chuck roasts in the freezer, I decided to try out the poor man's burnt ends I'd been seeing on YouTube.

I had two chuck roasts about four pounds each. I dry brined them in Kosher Salt in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and then dry rubbed with a no-salt rub I had purchased from Sams Club, Kinder No-Salt The BBQ Blend. Make sure to have a salt-free rub if brining with salt.

I started smoking them in my Good One Smoker at 12:50 with the chamber temperature leveling out to 275 or so. We used lump coal and hickory chunks for the fuel. I wrapped after 4 1/2 hours at when it was stalling out at 162 and all finished about 40 minutes later. All times remembered from the graph of the saved cook shown below. I let it sit for about a half an hour before cutting it into cubes, slicing like butter, and putting on some low-carb barbecue sauce that we had gotten from our local keto store. All ready in time for dinner and it was so delicious!

I had saved my session in the Tappecue Session book. Data is saved for one week under your current session. You will need to save the session before the week is up, by ending the session and chosing to save the session.

This will come in handy for gauging how much time it took and how to prepare for next time.

You can access the Tappecue SessionBook inside the Tappecue mobile app or by going to the website

You can add images from the website and uploading images in the app is coming soon. Adding notes and your recipe is there too.

Session Graph from

You can click on the legend of each probe to hide or show each graph line. The default to see all probes in one graph. If you hover over the line, you will see a bubble message box with details.

Session graph from Tappecue mobile app if you saved your session when ending it, you can view it in SessionBook from the menu in the app. You can add as many notes as you would like either in the current session while cooking, or after you end the session.. I did notice a bug in Android, that it doesn't show your note unless you back up and come forward again. You can zoom on the graph by pinching your fingers on the graph and holding your finger on the line will give you the details.

The end result was delicious and we will definitely be repeating it again!

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Oct 14, 2023

It was delicious 🤤

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