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Introducing the AirBooster by Tappecue, the ultimate accessory for wireless probes that takes your grilling and cooking experience to new heights. Say goodbye to limited range of your wireless probes and hello to extended connectivity like never before.


Designed to enhance the performance of your wireless probes for cooking in a smoker, the AirBooster revolutionizes the way you monitor your cooking temperatures. With its innovative design and dual antenna setup, this powerful accessory boosts the wireless signal from inside the smoker to outside, allowing you to transmit and receive data from within a smoker, grill, oven, air fryer, pressure cooker, and more to your mobile device or Tappecue Touch WiFi unit.


Setting up the AirBooster is a breeze. Simply connect one end of the wire to the inside of your smoker, grill, oven, air fryer, and more, ensuring it stays inside the enclosed environment to capture the signal of your AirProbe or other wireless probe and not touching metal. The other end of the wire extends outside still not touching metal, boosting the signal of your AirProbe or any other wireless probe you use. It then transmits the signal with boosted strength, ensuring a seamless connection to your smartphone or Tappecue Touch device.


Experience the freedom to move around while your food cooks, without worrying about losing connection. Whether you're relaxing indoors, socializing with friends, or tending to other tasks, stay connected and in control.


Unlock a whole new level of convenience and precision with the AirBooster. Keep a close eye on your cooking temperatures, receive instant alerts, and track your progress with ease. Achieve perfection in every dish, confident that your wireless probe's signal won't let you down.


Don't let limited range limit your culinary skills. Elevate your grilling and cooking game with the AirBooster by Tappecue. Enjoy boosted Bluetooth connectivity and ensure your wireless probes perform at their best. Take control, explore new flavors, and create mouthwatering masterpieces like a true culinary artist. Get the AirBooster today and discover the endless possibilities of wireless cooking.


SKU: S1-244H-3TMD
    • Wire: 18AWG 24" Wire up to 500 Celsius
    • Range: Covering radius of 328 ft (without obstacle)
    • Frequency Range: 2400-2500 (Mhz)
    • Antenna Type: 2.4G Bluetooth UHF Dipole Antenna
    • Material: Sorta-clear 37, brass, high heat fiberglass/copper wire, silicon, stainless steel metal clips
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