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Tappecue Touch


2 Chamber Probes


2 AirProbes


Power Supply / Charger


Getting Started Guide


What's New?

Introducing Tappecue AirProbes 

Monitor and alert without cables in a rotesisorie smoker.  Can also be used at a greater distance without the 6 foot cable limitations..for example 1 in the smoker and 1 in the warmer that is 70 feet away.


Monitor using the chamber probes for overnight cooking that alerts if the smoker door opens or electricity goes out.


Monitor up to 8 temperatures with the new Dual Sensor Probe or Splitter (both sold separately), made exclusively for the Tappecue Touch.


Touchscreen display for easy setup, Offline Mode, and changing WiFi networks


Internal battery for versatilty and portability (e.g., tailgate parties, camping, or meals on the grill/oven/crockpot, etc.)


Speaker and LED lights on board for alert notifications.


Internet Enabled

Wireless range from Tappecue unit to router goes up to 180 feet.


Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices

The Tappecue app alerts when the temperature minimum or maximum is reached and when the chamber goes low or high. Multiple mobile devices can be alerted. Default probe list is customizable.


Touchscreen Display

Easy to setup and change wireless networks via touchscreen. Large digits viewable from a distance.


Four Channels 
Accepts 4 Extra Care Probes for any probe combintation. Tracks each probe independently with settable high and low alarms and graphing functionality.


Extra Care Probes

Double insulated for high humidity oven environments. Color coded for easy recognition. 6 foot long leads. Stainless steel. 6 inches long. Curved joint. Pointed probes.


Water Resistant
Designed for outdoor use and most weather conditions.


Offline Mode

View temperatures from up to 180 feet away with the Tappecue Touch device.


Battery Life

Monitor long smokes up to 12 hours with the rechargeable 2400mAh battery.


Power Supply / Charger
Cooking longer? Plug into wall outlet with the 5V-1A power supply for unlimited power.


Guest Mode Functionality

Share temperatures and alerts with family and friends.


SessionBook and Web Portal

View and store temp data on the Tappecue Cloud ( to access temps and historical logs anytime, anywhere.


Designed by Team Tappecue in Kansas City, Missouri, BBQ Capital of the World.

Dickey's Touch Bundle