Ships today with beta-firmware and software available.  You must ALLOW BETA in the settings of your Tappecue Touch device in able to use the AirProbe.  See instruction booklet in packaging to learn more.


The AirProbe works in conjunction with your Tappecue Touch in order to provide you with the most optimal cooking experience for rotisserie smokers and cookers.  


It's a dual sensor probe that gives readings of the internal temperature of the meat and the chamber temperature.  It last a little over 10 hours and charges in 5 minutes.  


Works only with the Tappecue Touch.

Requires 1 AAA battery for charging dock.

Please read addition info sections before making your purchase.

AirProbe and Charging Dock

  • The AirProbe will have to come with a pre-programed identity, meaning - we program the probe here to match whichever color you want it to match with on your Tappecue Touch screen.  We suggest starting with green to make setup and starting a session easier if you're only using the AirProbe in your cook. 

  • When adding more probes to your order, make sure you add one color at a time instead of increasing the quantity.  

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