Tappecue airprobe

The Tappecue AirProbe is now available!

The Wireless Probe System works in conjunction with the Tappecue Touch to provide you with a truly wireless solution for your barbecue setup.  The new AirProbe communicates directly to your Tappecue Touch through Bluetooth technology and provides real-time temperatures.  The Tappecue Touch then sends your temperatures up to the Tappecue Cloud so you can view them from anywhere.  This latest addition is wire-free, dual sensor Bluetooth probe.  The patent pending system is the only WiFi, Cloud-Based thermometer and controller that can use either wireless, wired or both types of probes based on your needs.

The Tappecue Touch comes standard with a Bluetooth chip that allows the wireless AirProbe to directly connect to it.  ​

Patented Probe with Patent Pending technology integrated into the Tappecue Touch

The Tappecue AirProbe Direct Tech is also now available!

If you don't have a Tappecue Touch, the Tappecue iOS and Android apps will connect directly to the AirProbe through BlueTooth.  They will send temperatures from that app up to the Tappecue cloud so you can get temperatures from anywhere on other smart devices.  The distance from the phone to the AirProbe is limited to the BlueTooth Range of up to 100 feet depending on your environment.  An android tablet or iPAD could be left in range and then take your phone with you anywhere to monitor or get alerts.  All because it is cloud based!

What you'll need:

  • Tappecue Touch or Smartphone/Tablet

  • AirProbe

  • AirProbe Charging Dock

  • AAA battery per charger (sold separately)

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AirProbe and Charging Dock

AirProbe and Charging Dock

AirProbe Deluxe Bundle

AirProbe Deluxe Bundle


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