Tappecue airprobe

The Tappecue AirProbe is now available!

The Wireless Probe System works in conjunction with the Tappecue Touch to provide you with a truly wireless solution for your barbecue setup.  The new AirProbe communicates directly to your Tappecue Touch through Bluetooth technology and provides real-time temperatures.  The Tappecue Touch then sends your temperatures up to the Tappecue Cloud so you can view them from anywhere.  This latest addition is wire-free, dual sensor Bluetooth probe.  The patent pending system is the only WiFi, Cloud-Based thermometer and controller that can use either wireless, wired or both types of probes based on your needs.

The Tappecue Touch comes standard with a Bluetooth chip that will be turned on with a firmware update.  There's no need for you to buy another Tappecue if you already own the Touch.  

The new probes are color coded and will communicate to the area of the Tappecue Touch based on the color.  For example, Port 1 is green,  Port 2 is red,  Port 3 is black, & Port 4 is blue.  You can have either a wired or wireless probes in any port slot.  You can have 4 wireless probes of different colors for up to 8 temperatures.  Or you can have a green wireless probe that uses up the green spot (Port 1), and have wired probes for the ports 2, 3 and 4.  We suggest starting with the Green AirProbe so that when you start a session, you don't have to add unnecessary probes to Ports 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on which color you picked for your AirProbe.

Why is this important?

  • If you want chamber temps only, using a wired probe is essential for that port.  The wireless probe must be inserted in a food product and can’t be used for just chamber temps.

  • If you want to monitor overnight, you should choose a wired probe.  The wireless probes will go over 10 hours but then must be charged.  The charging process is only 5 minutes, but this would not work well for overnight cooks.  With a quick 5 minute charge, the AirProbe can be back in action for cooks during the daytime.

  • We suggest using the AirProbe for short cooks if you don't want to recharge the probe mid-cook.  A good use of this probe is for rotisserie chicken, steaks, pork loins, smoked chicken, oven cooking, etc.

Patented Probe with Patent Pending technology integrated into the Tappecue Touch

What you'll need:

  • Tappecue Touch

  • Wireless Probe

  • Wireless Probe Charger

  • AAA battery per charger (sold separately)

If you don't have a Tappecue Touch, our iOS and Android apps are in BETA and will connect directly to the AirProbe through BlueTooth and then up to the cloud.    The distance is limited to the BlueTooth Range of up to 100 feet depending on your environment.  An android tablet or iPAD could be left in range and then take your phone with you anywhere to monitor or get alerts.  All because it is cloud based!

To Beta Test for iOS download the TestFlight App and use this link.


To Beta Test for Android use this link.


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