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Boost your Wireless Probe Range

Escape the Confinement of Bluetooth Probe Range

Seamless Integration with Tappecue System

Optimally Designed For Cooking Environments

Connects Directly to AirProbes

Boosts your signal to your Smartphone or Tappecue

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Wireless Probes with the AirBooster
  • Escape the Confinement of Bluetooth Probe Range:

The AirBooster by Tappecue captures the Bluetooth signal of your wireless probes and releases it outside of your cooking environment, boosting their range and providing a stronger connection. Enjoy the freedom to monitor your cooking temperatures from a greater distance, without worrying about losing signal.

  • Seamless Integration with Tappecue System:

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Tappecue ecosystem, the AirBooster works harmoniously with Tappecue Touch and the Tappecue mobile app. Monitor your cooking temperatures, receive real-time alerts, and track your progress effortlessly within the user-friendly Tappecue environment.

  • Optimal Performance for Cooking Environments:

With its purpose-built design, the AirBooster is tailored specifically for cooking environments. Its wired construction and dual antenna setup ensure superior performance and reliability, providing an enhanced Bluetooth range and coverage for your wireless probes from inside your smoker, grill, oven, and more directly to your Tappecue Touch or Tappecue app.

Works With Most Brands

Of Wireless Meat Thermometers


I use my AirProbe 3 temperature probes in a pellet smoker on my porch and I was having poor connectivity problems inside my log house with its 6” thick log walls. The AirBooster completely solved this problem and now the probes remain connected to my iPhone when inside without any issues. Setup of the AirBooster was a breeze and it is a perfect solution to the connectivity problem I was having. -Mike Tucker


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