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Tappecue Touch being held during setup process.



Material of Case

Power Input

(Charger and Power Supply)

Power Connector

Operating Temperatures

(of screen)

Measurement Accuracy

Probe Inputs



4.646" x 3.678" x 1.471"



Barrel Jack Connector

-4ºF to 158ºF (-20ºC to 70ºC)


Mono 2.5mm jack receiver


180 ft. radius from router




LED Display

Measurement Range

Offline Range

LED Status Lights


Encryption Protocols

8.3 oz.

Gray with White lettering

Lithium Ion 2400mAh/3.8V

2.8" TFT Resistive Touch Panel

-40ºF to 572ºF

180 ft. from Tappecue



WEP, WPA, WPA 2, Mixed & Open

Tappecue Touch Diagram

Power Button

(Hold 2 seconds to power on/off)

LED Touchscreen Display

Probe Ports

Internet Enabled

Wireless range from Tappecue unit to router goes up to 180 feet.

Touchscreen Display

Easy to setup and change wireless networks via touchscreen. Large digits viewable from a distance. 

Battery Life

Monitor up to 20-hour smokes with the rechargeable 2400mAh battery in power saving mode.

Power Supply / Charger

Cooking longer? Plug the 5V-1A power supply into a wall outlet for unlimited power.

Guest Mode Functionality

Share temperatures and alerts with family and friends.


SessionBook and Web Portal

View and store temperature data on the Tappecue Cloud ( to access temps and historical logs anytime, anywhere.

AirProbe Tech

Tappecue is the only product on the market that can use both wireless probes and wired probes for versatility during any cook.  This complete system gives the professional chef all the tools they'll need for the most optimal cooking experience.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices 

The Tappecue app for iOs and Android alerts when the temperature minimum or maximum is reached and when the chamber is low or high. Multiple mobile devices can be alerted. Default probe list is customizable.

Four Channels


Accepts 4 inputs & up to 8 temp readings for any probe combination. Tracks each probe independently with settable high and low alarms and graphing functionality.

Extra Care Probes


Double insulated for high humidity oven environments. Color coded for easy recognition. 6 ft. long leads. Stainless steel. 6 inches long. Curved joint.


Designed for outdoor use and most weather conditions.

Offline Mode

View temperatures from up to 180 feet away with the Tappecue Touch device.

Dual Sensor Probe/Splitter Compatible


Monitor up to 8 temperatures with the new Dual Sensor Probe or Splitter (sold separately), made exclusively for the Tappecue Touch.

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