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Tappecue Products sitting on black background with wood chips.


Elevating Your BBQ with Control, Precision, and Ease.

Cruise Control

Unlock a new level of grilling satisfaction with the Tappecue Cruise Control System. Bid farewell to the frustrations of temperature fluctuations and tedious manual adjustments. With this advanced system, you'll regain precious time spent tending to your grill and regain the freedom to socialize or simply relax. It's a culinary game-changer that elevates your barbecue experience, offering precision and ease while ensuring your food is consistently cooked to perfection. Embrace the newfound confidence and convenience, all in the pursuit of the ultimate barbecue mastery. Welcome to a world where precision and taste unite, effortlessly.

Tappecue Cruise Control System monitoring two smokers in the backyard
Tappecue Touch on wood chips for presentation


Control up to 4 pits at the same time since the blower is ran through the probe ports.

Tappecue Extra-Care Standard Probe with the AirProbe3 on wood chips for decoration


The only unit that allows wireless (no cables) and/or wired meat temperature monitoring. 


The AirProbe3 works wirelessly though BLE to the Tappecue Touch or Mobile App so you can monitor temps from anywhere.

Tappecue Touch on wood chips showing the touch screen in action.


Blower flan allows for ease of temperature control through an easy on of switch through the cruse control

Tappecue Blower for the Cruise Control on wood chips for decoration
Man sitting in chair checking his phone for Tappecue Mobile App Notifications


Control the setup point from anywhere and get alerts that are push notifications that can alert multiple phones. 

Tappecue Mobile App Data Analytics showing graphs and charts of the meat on the app.


Save your cook with notes and images for your session book history.


Cruise Control

The Tappecue Cruise Control System is designed to provide effortless temperature management for your smoker. Once set up correctly, this smart thermometer is capable of regulating the air intake, ensuring optimal conditions for your smoking sessions. When the chamber temperature falls below a user-defined threshold, as verified by the chamber probe located inside the smoker, the Tappecue seamlessly collaborates with the Cruise Control Box. This synergy triggers the blower fan, connected to the air intake, rekindling the fire and raising the chamber's temperature with precision. This intuitive system takes the guesswork out of maintaining the ideal smoking conditions, resulting in consistent, delicious barbecue every time.

Infographic of how the cruise control works with a smoker. Connect the red splitter to the chamber probe and the white splitter to the cruise control then plug in the blower and power.
Cruise Control System on black background with wood chips for decoration

Shop Cruise Control

Control your charcoal smoker or grill with the Tappecue Cruise Control System (Tappecue Touch is required for use).


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