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Tappecue for Restaurants

Your Secret Ingredient for Culinary Perfection


Elevate your restaurant's culinary performance to new heights with Tappecue, the ultimate solution for grilling and smoking perfection. In the competitive world of food service, safeguarding your investments and ensuring food safety are paramount. Tappecue empowers you to achieve both, offering a suite of cutting-edge features designed to meet your specific restaurant needs. Our commitment to food safety starts with our two main products – the Touch and AirProbe3 work together to ensure you can monitor your grilling or smoking equipment from anywhere, providing peace of mind, whether you're on-site or miles away. Explore our range of products designed to streamline your culinary operation and guarantee consistent quality and safety in every dish you serve. Trust in Tappecue and unlock a new world of culinary precision and success.

Tappecue Touch on black background with wood chips for presentation.


Our flagship product, the Tappecue Touch, transforms your establishment into a hub of precision control. The Touch's innovative touchscreen display, completely wireless compatibility, and long-lasting battery make it the ideal tool for monitoring your cooking equipment, even in outdoor environments.


Alongside the Touch, the AirProbe3 sets the industry standard with its waterproof stainless steel probe and advanced temperature monitoring capabilities. With this powerful duo, you can protect your investment in meat, save time and money, and effortlessly meet HACCP requirements.

AirProbe3 on serving board for decoration and presentation


Checking temperatures on Tappecue mobile phone from anywhere


The Tappecue System empowers restaurant managers with remote monitoring capabilities, functioning as a vigilant "tattletale" when smoking meats overnight to ensure fuel levels are never forgotten, guaranteeing operational efficiency and cooked meat for the day ahead.

Using AirProbe3 on grill, smoker, pressure cooker, and deep fryer


Tappecue products offer unparalleled versatility, providing assurance for various applications, from uninterrupted overnight smoking to food safety inspection reports and monitoring of walk-in freezers and commercial ovens, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.


The Tappecue System ensures culinary excellence by monitoring and preserving food supplies, delivering perfectly cooked dishes, saving time, reducing costs, and upholding quality and freshness.

Perfectly cooked steak


Simplify HACCP compliance with automated data analytics. Ensure accurate time and temperature monitoring for enhanced food safety and regulatory adherence. The Tappecue Mobile App stores the data of your cooks in your SessionBook, allowing you to demonstrate food safety compliance effortlessly.

Tappecue graph on phone


Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse

Old Southern restaurant owner Dave
"We specialize in fresh BBQ meats, in order to maintain our freshness standards, we smoke meats multiple times a day. The Tappecue System solves our worries..It's an effective 'insurance' policy to be sure we have fresh BBQ the next day"

Dave Von Rueden, Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse

Currently uses Tappecues in 5 restaurants scattered throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The concept of the restaurant was made by Dave Anderson of Famous Dave's.

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Elevate Your Culinary Excellence with Tappecue

Tappecue is the ultimate solution for restaurants, ensuring culinary excellence and operational efficiency. From safeguarding your investments and cooking quality foods to remote monitoring and meeting food safety regulations, Tappecue offers a comprehensive set of benefits for restaurant owners. Trust in Tappecue to streamline your culinary operations, save time and money, and consistently serve perfectly cooked, high-quality dishes, while enhancing food safety compliance and protecting your valuable food supply. Take the next step towards culinary excellence with Tappecue and unlock a new world of precision and success in your restaurant.

Tappecue Touch and AirProbe being used in a large commercial smoker

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