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Tappecue has been helping restaurants, caterers, food trucks since 2013. 


Whether you need assurance that the smoker doesn't go out while cooking in the middle of the night, or for food safety inspection reports, or walk in freezers, or that commercial ovens that shouldn't be on has been turned off. 


 Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse has 5 restaurants scattered throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota with Tappecues in them all.

The concept of the restaurant was made by Dave Anderson.

Dave Von Rueden gives this review. "We specialize in fresh BBQ meats, in order to maintain our freshness standards, we smoke meats multiple times a day. The Tappecue System solves our worries..It's an effective "insurance" policy to be sure we have fresh BBQ the next day"

Tappecues are used in many Dickey's restaurants throughout the country. 


Thomas Emmons - Owner of Dickey's Barbecue Franchise in Mesa and Chandler Arizona


I use the Tappecue to monitor the Pit Temperature which has saved me thousands in possible lost product.  We load 50-100 pounds of Brisket and Pork in our Pit every night.  We have had several malfunctions, in the middle of the night, that cause the Pit doors to become ajar which not only stops the Rack rotation but allows heat to escape and temperatures to fall.   If it wasn't for Tappecue alerting me, we would not have had our savory Brisket and Pork to serve to our guests and we would have had hundreds of dollars of meat tossed in the trash.

Johnny Love of Huntspoint BBQ & Meat'ery

"We have been using the first generation Tappecue since 2015 in our business here at Huntspoint BBQ and Meat'ery located in Epping NH. We are a supplier of top quality meats as well as operating a BBQ restaurant and have used Tappecue in various aspects of the business, most notably for our walk-in freezers and walk-in refrigerators. Our Tappecues are very flexible, we also use them in the oven to alert us if the oven has been accidentally left on by our staff, saving us a small fortune since commercial ovens use so much fuel. From our walk-in freezers/refrigerators and stand alone freezers and the oven, the convenience of the Tappecue gives a mobile alerting system with an app which provides us with peace of mind over our temperatures being correct to keep our meats safe and our costs down" 

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