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This new Dual Sensor Probe is thinner - 1/8th inch probe with a 1/16th inch tappered end.


Exclusively made for the Tappecue Touch.


The Dual Sensor Probe is our newest probe, a two-in-one meat and chamber probe. One meat sensor is located in the tip and the chamber sensor is near the curve. The sharp end is ideal for smaller cuts of meat, poultry or fish.


Extra-Care Quality

The Dual Sensor Probe is a professional-grade Extra Care probe that can withstand temperatures up to 482ºF (250ºC). Extra Care double insulated probes are extra durable, water-resistant and will perform in the most humid environments.


Probe length 6 in., Cable length 6 ft.

Only compatible with Tappecue Touch.

Incompatible with Tappecue Splitter.

Dual Sensor Probe

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