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Game Day Hickory Smoked Flank Steak for Fajitas

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Today we smoked an Angus Beef Flank Steak for a fajita style dinner.

Prep Time: 15mins

Cook Time: 45mins


Flank Steak

Hickory Smoke Chips

Margarita's Fajita Seasoning

Fajita Skillet Sauce to simmer in

Kansas City Championship BBQ Rub

Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

Avocado Oil

Diced Green Chiles for garnish

Using the AirProbe2 (Coming Soon), we monitored the flank steak while it sat in the smoker at 225°F.

The process:

Wash meat thoroughly with fresh water, pat dry, cover in Avocado Oil, apply seasoning generously. I started with a base layer of Three Little Pig's Kansas City Championship BBQ Rub, then added half of the pack of fajita season to one side and the other half to the other side (saving a couple pinches for sautéed green and red bell peppers).

While the you let the meat sweat in the rubs, prepare your smoker to get to 225°F. Add hickory wood chips.

Next, cook the flank steak in the smoker until it reaches 136°F internal temp (around 30 minutes depending on the size of the steak). I would reduce the chamber temp to lengthen the amount of time in the smoke for maximum flavor (around 2 hours is best).

Once it hits 136°F, pull it out and wrap it with the fajita simmering sauce to steam, tenderize and add more flavor, until you've reached preferred doneness. I pulled mine out at 145°F for medium doneness. This took about 15 minutes.

Pull out of simmer sauce and sear at high heat (450°F) for a few minutes on both sides.

Let it rest 10 minutes. The IT should raise about 2-5°F before settling back done.

Slice, brush on simmer sauce, and garnish with Diced Green Chiles.

Serve alongside of black beans, Mexican rice, sliced avocado, chips and salsa, and small tortillas.

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