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Insider Scoop on Huntavore Podcast by Nick Otto

Earlier this week host Nick Otto of the Huntavore Podcast reached out to the Tappecue founder's Gina and Jacob to ask if they'd be interested in sharing some of the Tappecue story.

The Huntavore Podcast is a wild game focused show celebrating the hunting and fishing lifestyle through the utilization and consumption of wild game. We thought it was a perfect fit. Otto's interviewing skills brought out some great stories and some insider info on something new in the works!

We talked a bit on the origin of Tappecue, the struggles we had to overcome to bring a new technology to the market, the joys of owning and running a USA-based company, and the challenges we face competing against, not only larger companies, but foreign companies. We shared some hunting stories, our BBQ favorites, secrets to making a perfect venison steak, and what "date night" looks like for each of us.

The Huntavore Podcast runs bi-weekly on Monday's. Otto podcast covers topics such as: hunting and fishing, test kitchen experiments of underused cuts and unique cooking styles, interviews with hunters, anglers, and culinary experts who utilize wild game. Otto states, "after the shot was fired, after the fish has been netted, after the game has been recovered, the gift of nourishing food given. Our aim is not just use it, but celebrate it." You can learn more about the podcast and subscribe here.

You can find the Huntavore Podcast on Apple Podcast and listen in to the Team Tappecue episode here. If you don't have Apple Podcast, you can join in on Sportsmen Nation to listen and read the show notes - here.

Join the Team Tappecue Private Facebook Group for insider scoops on the latest products, opportunities to join our beta-programs and affiliate network, and exclusive discounts.

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