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Master Your Culinary Craft with Tappecue's New App Features!

Welcome to the Tappecue blog, where we bring you the latest updates and tips to enhance your culinary journey. We're excited to introduce two fantastic features that we've added to our mobile app in November, Quick Import and Session Image. These enhancements are designed to make your cooking experience even more enjoyable and informative. Let's dive into the details!

Quick Import - Repeating Culinary Excellence:

One of our new features, Quick Import, empowers users to effortlessly import probe settings from their immediate prior cook. Imagine you've just created a culinary masterpiece, and you want to replicate it perfectly. With Quick Import, it's as simple as a click of a button. This feature allows you to reuse your probe names, minimum and maximum alert temperatures, making it easier than ever to fine-tune your recipes and become an expert chef.

Coming Soon: We're taking Quick Import to the next level! Soon, you'll be able to select an entire Session from your SessionBook and import those settings for your next cooking session. This means you can revisit that Thanksgiving Turkey from last year and automatically start with the same probe settings and alerts. Whether you want to recreate a culinary triumph or make some tweaks for perfection, Quick Import has you covered.

Session Image - Capture Your Culinary Success:

Our second new feature, Session Image, lets you elevate your culinary record-keeping. Now, you can upload a standout photo of your dish directly to your SessionBook history. Have you prepared the most amazing meal ever or crafted mouthwatering ribs? Snap a picture, upload it to the session, and keep a visual record of your culinary creations.

Recipe Spotlight:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! We'll soon introduce a dedicated space in the Recipes tab where Tappecue users can feature their own recipes. Have a culinary gem you'd like to share with the world? Submit your recipes to us, and we'll showcase them in our Recipes tab. It's a fantastic opportunity to contribute to our growing community of food enthusiasts and discover new flavors and techniques.

With Quick Import and Session Image, Tappecue is committed to enhancing your cooking experience. We hope you're as thrilled as we are about these new features! Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming in 2024. Join our community of passionate foodies, and let's explore the world of culinary excellence together.

Thank you for choosing Tappecue. Happy cooking!

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