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Smoked Chicken and Bone Broth Cruising on the Smokey Mountain at 225.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This week Team Tappecue tested out the Cruise Control System on the Weber Smokey Mountain. Maintaining constant temperatures is crucial for a successful bone broth.

We played with the control by bumping up the temps from 225, to 250, to 225, to 275, and back to 250 for a constant during the simmer. Chicken was cooked at 225 for about 4 hours. The chamber probe on the top rack was a constant 25 degrees hotter. You can also tell that around 8:30 we ran out of charcoal and had to restart the fire. We got a constant 6 hours of smoke from a full cartridge.

When we took the chicken out, I also took out the top rack chamber probe. I believe because of the poorly insulated barrel, the chamber temperature fluctuated more than it would’ve if it were sealed tight.

We used the Long Probe to monitor the temp of the simmer! The bone broth was tasty! And perfect for Fall meals. The Long Probe is on sale if you’re interested!

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