The Tappecue AirProbe Deluxe Bundle was comes with two AirProbes. Monitors 4 temperatures at once. Upgrade to 8 temperatures with additional Splitters, Dual Sensor Probes, and/or AirProbes. AirProbes must be inserted all the way into meat in order to get accurate temperatures.  Save your cooking sessions to the Tappecue Cloud, and use data analytics to improve your performance. It's the perfect combination for success.  


The Deluxe Bundle includes:


Tappecue Touch

AirProbe x2


Power Supply/Charger

Getting Started Guide

Pen Stylus


AirProbe Specifications

Internal Temp Max temperature: 100°C/212°F

External Temp Max temperature: 300°C/482°F

2 - AAA Batteries required (not provided) for Charging Docks

5 minute charge time / charge lasts 4-12 hours depending on environment


Designed by Team Tappecue in Kansas City, Missouri, BBQ Capital of the World.

AirProbe2 Deluxe Bundle

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  • Limited Warranty:

    1 year warranty for manufacturing defects on the device and probes