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The Tappecue AirProbe Deluxe Bundle was comes with two AirProbes. Monitors 4 temperatures at once. Upgrade to 8 temperatures with additional Splitters, Dual Sensor Probes, and/or AirProbes. AirProbes must be inserted all the way into meat in order to get accurate temperatures.  Save your cooking sessions to the Tappecue Cloud, and use data analytics to improve your performance. It's the perfect combination for success.  


The Deluxe Bundle includes:


Tappecue Touch

Power Supply/Charger

Getting Started Guide

Pen Stylus

AirProbe3 x2

Package Contents:

  • 2 AirProbe3 units
  • 2 Charging Docks
  • 2 USB-C Cables
  • 8 Colored Rings
  • Instruction Booklet


AirProbe Specifications

Internal Temp Max temperature: 100°C/212°F

External Temp Max temperature: 300°C/482°F

2 - AAA Batteries (optional & not provided) for Charging Docks

2 hour charge time / charge lasts 36-48 hours depending on environment

The Tappecue AirProbe Deluxe Bundle is your key to precision grilling. With two AirProbe3 units included, you can simultaneously monitor 2 cuts of meat and upgrade to 8 temperatures with additional Splitters, Dual Sensor Probes, and AirProbes, making it ideal for all your culinary creations. Our high-quality stainless steel AirProbe3 is designed for the most demanding cooking environments, with a 5mm diameter and an IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring accurate results every time in any environment, whether that's the smoker, grill, oven, pressure cooker, airfryer or more. Plus, its quick 2-hour charge lasts up to 48 hours for cooking briskets or whole hogs. For seamless integration, the AirProbe3 works in tandem with your smartphone or Tappecue Touch, offering the ultimate cooking experience. With the added convenience of USB-C or AAA battery charging, you'll always be ready to grill to perfection.


    The Tappecue Touch, included in this bundle, is the control center for your grilling adventure. With its touchscreen display, it's easy to set up and use, even in Offline Mode, ensuring you're always connected. It features a long-lasting internal battery, providing up to 20 hours of use and is perfect for grilling on the go. The Touch boasts a wireless range to your router of up to 180 feet making it completely wireless option for temperature monitoring from any distance once connected to your router, making it a versatile companion for various cooking scenarios. Enjoy the convenience of alert notifications from anywhere in the world while you're cooking. Plus, it's designed for outdoor use in various weather conditions, with water resistance and easy-to-read touchscreen digits. Whether you're at a tailgate party, camping, or grilling at home, the AirProbe3 Deluxe Bundle will elevate your grilling to new heights.


    Order the Tappecue AirProbe Deluxe Bundle to unlock a world of precision grilling and barbecue mastery, brought to you by Team Tappecue in the BBQ Capital of the World, Kansas City, Missouri. Your culinary success begins here.

    AirProbe3 Deluxe Bundle

    SKU: CX-9SG5-JDA9
    • Limited Warranty:

      1 year warranty for manufacturing defects on the device and probes

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