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Avo and Egg

['1/2 cup Avo Smash', '2 slices multigrain bread (square Pullman loaf, if possible), toasted', '3 slices heirloom tomato', '1 poached egg', 'Pinch of herb salt or flaky sea salt', '1 teaspoon Meyer lemon oil', '1 Meyer lemon wedge', 'Fresh herb salad of your choice']

Spread Avo Smash on both pieces of toast. Cut one slice in diagonally in half and top the other with tomato slices and the poached egg.
To serve, slightly separate the halved avo toast and place the other half with the tomato and poached egg on top. Finish the toasts with the herb salt, lemon oil, and a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice. Top with a little fresh herb salad.

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