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English Chili Sauce

['36 red or green hot peppers, washed, tops removed and discarded, peppers coarsely chopped (do not remove seeds)', '1/2 cup cider vinegar', '2 cups sugar', '1 1/2 tablespoons pickling salt']

Put peppers in an enamel saucepan. Add vinegar and cook, covered, over moderate heat for about 10 minutes or until they are very soft.
In a blender, purée the peppers with the cooking liquid for 30 seconds, or force them through the fine disk of a food mill. Do not discard seeds, as the sauce should be very hot.
In a heavy enamel saucepan combine the purée with sugar and pickling salt. Simmer mixture until it is thick but still liquid enough to pour. Pour the sauce into sterilized Mason-type jars and seal the jars with lids. Use the sauce sparingly for seasoning.

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