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Gol-Keri (Quick Mango Achaar)

['¼ cup finely diced red or white onions', '¼ tsp. fine sea salt, plus additional to taste', '1 mango (Australian preferred), skin removed, diced', '¼ tsp. ground cumin', '¼ tsp. ground coriander', '1 tsp. ground cayenne', '4 Tbsp. finely grated jaggery', 'Additional salt', 'to taste']

Dust the onions with the salt and set aside for 15 minutes to let the onions sweat. Using a muslin cloth or strainer, extract and remove as much of the onion juice as possible. Rinse once after done and squeeze any remaining water away from the onions. Spread the onions onto a paper towel for 5 minutes.
Mix all remaining ingredients in a large bowl until well combined. Stir carefully to keep the mango pieces intact. Add onion and mix again. Taste for salt, and adjust if needed. This salsa is best consumed cold, within 2 days of preparation.

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