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Grilled Sausages with Figs and Mixed Greens

['6 fresh lamb sausages, spicy Italian sausages, or garlic sausages', '4 1/2-inch-thick red onion slices', '10 tablespoons Pomegranate-Cumin Dressing , divided', '12 cups mixed greens', '3/4 cup crumbled soft fresh goat cheese', '6 fresh figs, halved', '1/4 cup (packed) sliced fresh mint leaves']

Prepare grill (medium-high heat). Brush sausages and onions with 3 tablespoons dressing; grill sausages until cooked, 15 minutes, and onions until charred, 10 minutes. Toss greens with remaining dressing; mound on plates. Slice 4 sausages (reserve 2 for pizza). Top greens with sausages, cheese, figs, and mint.

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