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Harvest Topiary

['Florist foam (used for dried arrangements)', 'Knife', 'Two 6-inch terra cotta pots', '2 to 3 large bunches dried wheat', '2 to 3 large bunches dried rye', 'Thin wire (30 gauge)', '2 pounds mixed nuts (pecans, walnuts, filberts)', 'Scissors or wire cutter', '1 yard French wire ribbon']

Cut 2 pieces of florist foam into 2 1/2-by-3-inch cubes. Place 1 inside each terra-cotta pot. Mix the dried wheat and rye and divide into 2 bunches 3 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Wrap and secure each one with wire about halfway down the sheath, and again about 1 inch from the bottom. Hold a bunch securely and press firmly into the florist foam, making sure it is straight vertically. Fill the pot with mixed nuts, mounding them at the center. Cut the ribbon in half, making two 18-inch long pieces. Wrap each ribbon around a bunch several times, covering the wire, and tie with a bow.

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