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Pear and Pickled Radish

['2 perfectly ripe pears', 'A handful of walnuts', '125g (1/4 lb) thinly sliced coppa', '2 teaspoons salt', 'Juice of a large lemon', '300ml (1 1/4 cups) white wine vinegar', '75g (1/3 cup) sugar', '12 black peppercorns', '6 sprigs dill', '350g (3/4 lb) radishes']

Put the salt into a stainless steel saucepan, squeeze in the juice of the lemon, add the vinegar, sugar and peppercorns and bring to the boil. Tear the fronds of dill from their stems. Trim the radishes and cut each in half lengthways.
Pack the radishes and dill fronds into a sterilized jar, then pour over the hot brine and tighten the lid. Leave to cool, then chill in the fridge overnight.
To make the salad, cut the pears into quarters, remove their cores, then cut them into thick slices. Remove about half the radishes from their brine and add to the pears, together with 3 tablespoons of pickling liquor. Toss the radishes and pears gently together. Lightly toast the walnuts.
As you transfer the salad to plates, tuck the thinly sliced coppa among it.

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