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Saltie's Soft-Scrambled Eggs

['1 tsp unsalted butter', '2 eggs', 'Sea salt', 'Finely chopped herbs', 'for garnish']

Melt the butter in a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Break the eggs into the pan when it is warm but not yet hot. Sprinkle the eggs lightly with salt.
Let the pan heat up, and don’t move the eggs until the egg whites begin to set. Using a heat-resistant spatula, move the whites around the pan to help them cook through, while keeping the yolk unbroken, for about 30 seconds. When the whites fluff up and are almost completely set, remove from the heat and fold the yolks into the whites. The residual heat should cook the whites through and leave the yolks soft. This is kind of like scrambling an over easy egg.
Sprinkle with herbs, if desired.

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