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The Greenest Smoothie

['1 banana, frozen, cut into 1" pieces', '1 cup frozen pineapple pieces', '1 cup fresh parsley, spinach, or kale leaves', '1 cup unsweetened almond milk', '2 tablespoons almond butter', '2 tablespoons flaxseed oil', '1 teaspoon agave syrup (nectar)', '1 teaspoon matcha (green tea powder)', '1/2 teaspoon finely grated peeled ginger', 'Matcha is available at Japanese markets and online.']

Purée banana, pineapple, parsley, almond milk, almond butter, flaxseed oil, agave, matcha, and ginger in a blender. Sweeten with more agave, if desired.

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[Food Ingredients and Recipes Dataset with Images]

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