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Voodoo Rum Punch aka "The Glastonbury Zombie"

['2 bottles light aged rum', '1 bottle white rum', '1 bottle aged golden rum', '1 bottle Demerara rum', '1/2 bottle overproof rum', '1 bottle cognac', '1 bottle orange curaçao', '1 bottle falernum', '1 bottle maraschino liqueur', '1 fl oz/25 ml absinthe', '60 dashes Angostura bitters', '2.1 quarts/2 liters lime juice', '12.6 quarts/12 liters guava juice', '1 bottle passion fruit syrup', '34 fl oz/1 liter passion fruit puree', '2.1 quarts/2 liters mango puree', 'large block of ice', 'fruit', 'mint sprigs', 'edible flowers']

Pour 90 percent of each of the ingredients into a barrel and stir.
Taste and make a big show of balancing the flavors, then add all the remaining ingredients anyway! Add a large block of ice and drink ... and drink. Serves lots!

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