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2019 Recap - Tappecue in Review!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020


The first month of the year we had a big change - we migrated our servers over to Microsoft Azure. It was our first change since 2016. Since then, we haven't had any downtime!


We had our Operation BBQ Relief fundraiser and raised $720!

Thank you all for supporting us and an incredible organization such as OBR!


We released the 8 Probe functionality for the Tappecue Touch... Launched our new Splitters (long and standard), Dual Sensor Probes, Extra-Care Mini Probes and Extra-Care Probes with tapered ends!


Alexa App was created by customer Frank Dice! We released the Home Cook Bundle, Backyard Smoker Bundle, Pitmaster Bundle and the Build-Your-Own Bundle!


Tappecue now comes in new colors: Red, Blue, Orange and Maroon!

App updates: SessionBook notes, graphs all 8 probes and UI design changes.

Power Save mode increased Tappecue Battery life from 14 to 20 hours in one charge!


We spent our time at the American Royal, catching up with old friends and customers who've been with us for 6+ years now.


Our biggest achievement this year! We launched The Tappecue Cruise Control System

We also made a one-of-a-kind Pink Tappecue for Breast Cancer Awareness and donated the profit made from it to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

November and December:

We had a great holiday season and was able to make the Tappecue affordable for anyone who loves to BBQ or anyone wanting to gift the Tappecue to their BBQ enthusiast friends and family.

In summary,

This year was a huge success in terms of diversifying our product catalog and expanding our opportunity with the introduction of a controller and other app features. Thank you all for sticking with us through the years and keep an eye out for new features and products that will work with your existing unit coming out in the near future. Smoke on!

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