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2020 Recap - Tappecue in Review!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021


Golden tickets and golden Tappecue were given away and auctioned off


Our Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl LIV and we gave away the one-of-a-kind Red and Orange Tappecue!


Tappecue Cruise Control System video!


We began beta-testing the new AirProbes!


Launched AirProbes!


Finished Made in KC Blog Series


AirProbe Direct Tech Launch! Communicate directly to your AirProbe from your Smartphone via BlueTooth technology.


Started the Tappecue Affiliate Program to earn 15% on sales by referral! Sign Up Here


Updated the app UI to display

In summary,

Ever since we've launched Tappecue back in 2013, we've been working to find a wireless probe solution. We've tested several different technologies over the course of those 7 years, all to no avail. It wasn't until this year that we found a solution that stood up to our standards for technology. The battery-less, bluetooth, dual sensor AirProbe, met our standards and passed with flying colors. We're very proud of the technology and happy to be able to offer it to our loyal customers that have wanted this from the very beginning. Thanks for sticking with us and helping us stay afloat over the course of 7 years!


Jacob Bourret

Vice President

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