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Good Times at the American Royal and More About the Cruise Control System

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Committed to customer satisfaction, Team Tappecue went around the American Royal to check up on our customers.

Stretch from Grinders got to check out some of the new colored Tappecues and the Dual Sensor Probes.

Grinders by STRETCH is a quickly growing organization with now four locations around Kansas City.

If you stop by, be sure to grab a slice of pizza! Their Death Wings are absolutely insane. So grab a glass of milk to counteract the heat. Personally, I go for the Chicken Parm every time. It's delicious!

Like many of the customers we visited this weekend, Stretch has been with us from the very first Tappecue model - Tappecue V1.

Scott from Smoke'N Babes BBQ used his Tappecue on a whole hog for his epic party Friday night.

His team got 5th in Beans, 9th in Dessert with a perfect score, and 2nd in Ribs!

Barb and Charlie with Mad Hogs and an Englishman come to the Royal every year.

Barb has 3 Tappecues now!

And they host the international dinner every time. The Royal is bringing in more and more international teams. Barb said, "this year we have 20 teams from all over the world." In contrast to the 16 teams from last year.

Gary is with Bare Bones BBQ and the president of Kooker's Kare - a food rescue organization that serves the leftover food from BBQ competitions to the hungry and needy.

We can't thank Gary and his wife Jerry enough for the hospitality they've shown us over the years.

Of course, I couldn't leave without getting a picture with Myron Mixon!

The Tappecue Booth was hosted at our dear friend Greg Hastie from Tebo Creek's booth.

This year we demo'd the new prototype of the Cruise Control System on a barrel smoker. We also showed off our new caste iron grill grates we're starting to make.

On Saturday, we did even more!! We went to our friends from East Meats West BBQ and demo'd the fan controls on two drum smokers and used a Dual Sensor Probe in the Traeger.

The Red and Blue lines indicate the chamber temperatures of the drums that were using the Cruise Control System... The Pink line was the chamber temperature in the Traeger grill. The Green line is ambient temperature outside of the smokers and the Purple is internal temp of the Ribs inside of the Traeger. This test went really well. We also did some testing at home before the Royal. That graph is below this one.

Our first initial test was a pork butt on the drum smoker and it shows the consistency of the Cruise Control System. We started at 300°F and then from the app, we bumped up the temp to 350°F and held it there until we wrapped the pork butt. I was out washing my car when the internal temp started rising too fast, so I lowered the chamber temp back to 300°F and was able to arrive right on time to take it off the smoker.

Overall, this weekend was a huge success! We can't wait to get the new products for the Cruise Control System available for purchase. If you signed up to beta-test, we'll be contacting you shortly. Thanks again to everyone who is making this all possible.

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