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Made in KC Series: Meet the Manufacturers of Tappecue (Part 1)

Today's episode features the plastics manufacturer, LeVic Plastics, of Tappecue WiFi BBQ Thermometer.

LeVic Plastics is a USA-based company in Grandview, MO who makes our plastic enclosure and button for the Tappecue Touch. Their mission is to provide quality parts on time for a fair price. Founded in 1971 in Bill's garage, and recently purchased by his son Bob Knight, LeVic has a strong history backing their mission.

We were first introduced to LeVic through our Mechanical Engineer, Gary Hannah, who designed our plastic enclosure for the Tappecue V2 and the Touch. LeVic offered us a one stop shop for our plastics from injection molding to hot stamping our logo.

LeVic is the one stop shop for plastics, they do everything from blister packs, secondary, injection molds, paint, packaging, fulfillment and more.

They manufacture over 1000 different products from the aerospace industry to the BBQ industry. With 95% of their products arriving on time and less than .5% return rate over the last year, they stand by their mission to provide quality parts on time.

LeVic just recently launched their new website, click here to visit.

Stay tuned for the next issue — Made in Kansas City: Meet the Manufactures (Part 2) where we'll be showcasing our board manufacturer, eCircuits.

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