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Made in KC Series: Meet the Manufacturers of Tappecue (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Today's episode features the board manufacturer, eCircuits, of Tappecue WiFi BBQ Thermometer.

eCircuits is a USA-based company in Blue Springs, MO. Founded in 2006, eCircuits now has around 85 employees. Their company stands on three pillars of strength - quality, performance and trust. Under Rich Limbach's (pictured below) leadership, eCircuits is serving over 50 clients from all over the world and bringing in over $12M revenue annually. In 2019, they extended their building to nearly double the size.

Sales Rep, Lonnie Smith, took Tappecue on board as one of his first projects in 2013.

eCircuits offers a wide range of services such as Automated Optic Inspection, Selective Solder, X-Ray, touch up and testing. The Tappecue Touch is tested in two different stages of production - one being here at eCircuits.

The process from start to finish:

1) Stencil Machine

2) Surface Mount

3) Through-Hole / Selective Solder

4) ICT (In-circuit test)

5) Final Assembly

6) Conformal Coating

7) Quality Assurance

8) Shipping

eCircuits is the leading electronics manufacturer for niche tech in KC like Tappecue but also has the capability to supply high volume for low costs, click here to visit.

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