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Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) Champs use the Tappecue AirProbe2 to Create Award-Winning Steaks

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Mark Lambert owner of Sweet Swine O Mine Distribution, 6 Time World Champion, 4 Time Memphis in May Champion, 2017 American Royal World Champion in Ribs, Smoker Designer of his own line with the SWEET SMOKER O' MINE (RED BOX SMOKER) and his own line of rubs and spices has recently started bringing his cooking skills to the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA).

We met Mark at the American Royal with Operation BBQ Relief back in 2016 during a Pigalooza fundraiser competition.

Mark is a volunteer for OBR as well as a great cook with a big heart.

He has been using the Tappecue in his kitchen for years and uses it in some of his videos.

For example, This youtube video shows how he tested charcoal and used the data features of Tappecue to chart the results.

Recently Mark began using the AirProbes in his steak competition cooking and placing very well.

He gave us a tip on how to use it in steaks for competition.

“Insert the probe from the top of the eye opposite the spinalis. Try to stop the probe just short of the cut line.”

The SCA is a fast growing organization and if you would like to find out more follow this link.

Marks Website

The AirProbe can and is used successfully in steak cooking by both the backyard griller and the competitor. You can protect your AirProbe from direct flame by using a GrillGrate. This will protect your AirProbe from taking a direct flame that could damage the probe.

Continual poking of the steak from an instant read can cause you to miss the sweet spot unless you are poking every few seconds and then so many holes in your steak. Why do that when you can use an AirProbe?

The Tappecue stands up to heat better than some competitors because it doesn’t have a battery inside the probe, but uses a super capacitor. National BBQ News states, in the November issue of National BBQ News Magazine ( ),

"The best part of this awesome device is that the unit itself doesn't contain a battery. Sad reality is we have tested a few competitors that had batteries inside the probes and have actually seen them explode during the cooking process..Overall we are blown away with this super thermometer and would suggest it to any BBQ and grilling fan."

Check out the AirProbe2 review from The BBQ News Magazine in the November issue on page 49.

For safety and great taste, the AirProbe2 (check out the new and improved AirProbe3 here) is the answer for great steaks!

"Tappecue brings a new meaning to cut the cord"

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