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Tappecue AirProbe3, Wireless Meat Probe, for the Perfect Holiday Sausage

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

By Customer Dan Wright

In 1993 I was introduced to sausage making at my job. It created a passion inside of me that to this day still has me hooked. I have moved on from making sausage commercially and now just enjoy doing it for my friends and family as gifts and something for me to snack on.

Every fall I get the bug and start to plan my holiday sausage cooking. How much, which type, and who will be getting some for the Holidays. This year I decided to go off the rails a bit and try something totally different. In the past I have always used custom blends from a friend of mine that does seasonings commercially. I have been doing research, watching youtube videos and scouring the internet for base recipes to start making my own blends from scratch. I also had another tool in my arsenal that I had been planning on utilizing…. The Tappecue Air Probe 3! Wired probes are a bit of a hassle when doing large batches of sausage and the thought of going wireless was perfect for a variety of reasons.

The Tappecue Air Probe 3 and Tappecue touch could solve every problem I had with wired and wireless probes in my past sausage cooks.

  • First off, NO WIRES!

  • Second the charge time at 48 hours (or more) gives me plenty of time to smoke the sausage with no fears of losing my probe charge.

  • And finally, is the ability to take the sausage, with a probe, out of the smoker and go right into the ice bath, then into the fridge where I can monitor the sausage on the cooldown.

  • The color-coded display on the Tappecue Touch, matching the AirProbes and the app, makes following the probes easy.

  • Moving from the smoker to the bath, to the fridge, easy

  • Smoking large batches on two smokers without wires safely

Everything worked perfectly. I ground everything out, measured my seasonings and split my 15 lbs of meat into 3, 5lb test batches. I mixed everything up, stuffed it into large summer sausage casings, and marked it accordingly then put it in the fridge for 2 days to allow the seasonings to blend. I prepared my Air Probe 3s with the various color rings so I could remember which one was which flavor so I could keep everything organized for the taste testing. I fired up the smoker and put the Air Probes in each Summer Sausage stick so I could monitor each one separately and pull them when they were ready. They went from Smoker, to bath, to fridge without a hitch! I was able to keep the monitoring of temps going with no breaks.

This weekend I was only doing 3, 5 lb sticks to test flavors. My main run will be 100 lbs. Normally when you do that amount of sausage at a time, it’s difficult to deal with wired probes. When you put multiple probes in the smoker and some are in front, back, and middle, the wires are everywhere. With the wires, you have to constantly move around them and try to weave the sausage through the web of wires as the sausages finish and are removed from the smoker. Also, when I do 100 lb batches I have to use two different smokers and I have to use a couple different thermometer brands since the wires aren’t long enough to go between both smokers. The Tappecue Air Probe 3 and Tappecue touch will solve that problem. They are fast becoming my favorite bbq tool!

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