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Ways to use Tappecue in Restaurants - Testing the New AirBooster at R&R BBQ Restaurant

Tappecue is the only system that has the ability to monitor both wired and wireless with WiFi which is very useful for Restaurants.


Using Tappecue in Restaurants saves time and money from possible wasted product

1) Wireless AirProbes last 48 hours and can be used in rotisseries in the meat to gauge when the food is done without opening any doors.

2) Wired chamber probes can be used to alert when if the temperature gets too low or too high or if the power goes out when cooking smaller cuts such as ribs and wireless probes aren't an option.

3) Food safety logs are automatically generated useful for inspectors.

4) Tappecue can be used in rotisseries, hotboxes, ovens, stoves, refrigeration, anywhere you need alerts and monitoring.


Testing the AirBooster

The patent pending AirBooster is also available that will boost the Bluetooth signal out of heavily insulated smokers through a high heat antennae. Even if the signal does escape, if you need more distance it will give you a further gain.

See this video testing the new AirBooster and how it helps one local restaurant.

In the photos below, 1) the placement of the Tappecue Touch on the ledge below the doors show where the Tappecue is usually kept. 2)The next photos show all of the AirProbes are connected to the Tappecue on the ledge. 3) We moved the Tappecue further away from the rotesserie and closer to the WiFi router and no AirProbes are connected. 4) We mounted the AirBooster with a clip inside and outside and placed on the top of the rotesserie, making sure not to touch metal. 5) With the AirBooster we were able to have the AirProbes connect at the greater distance and they were transmitting through Wifi. 6) Gwenn was able to monitor the cook from inside the restaurant while taking care of customers.



Dave Von RuedenDirector of Food & BeverageOld Southern BBQ Smokehous

Regarding the Awesome Tappecue Digital Thermometer System;Our Company operates four Restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We specialize in Fresh BBQMeats, in order to maintain our freshnessstandards,we have to smoke meats multiple times aday. The worrisome part is the overnight smoke when nobody is in the building. What if the firegoes out, or the temp drops during the night, or the Manager forgot to turn on the smoker... TheTappecue System solves our worries; I can tell if our smokers are running and at the correct tempin the middle of the night from thecomfort of my home. It’s an effective “insurance” policy to besure we have fresh BBQ for the next day!I completely recommend Tappecue to anyone looking for a state of the art thermometer system.

Roger Knibb R&R BBQ Restaurant

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